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Blood Purification


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Internal CleansingBlood is vital to the body, and the health of your blood affects the health of your body functioning.


Blood serves several vital functions:

  • It distributes oxygen, nutrients, and hormones throughout the body, while removing waste and toxins from the system.
  • Our body’s main immune systems is based in the blood. It protects us from illness and infection.
  • The blood helps to seal off wounds in cases of injury.


Toxins build up in our blood:

The liverkidneys and lymphatic system work tirelessly to cleanse the blood of unwanted toxins and impurities. However, sometimes the work load is just too much and these toxins begin to build up in our muscle tissue and blood.

Reasons for Toxin Build-ups:

  • Poor diet
  • alcohol
  • drugs / medication
  • environmental toxicity - Refer to "Toxins in your Home"

The Importance of Detoxification:

DetoxificationRegular detoxification will help rejuvenate the system, improve liver function and restore health.

Natural Blood Purifiers

Many natural herbal liver cleansers that use homeopathic ingredients can work to improve liver functioning, while supporting the body in the natural detoxification process.

  • Parsley is an effective blood purifier

  • Some natural herbal liver cleansers such as Dandelion and Fennel help to cleanse and detoxify the system and improve liver functioning.

  • Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Verbena officinalis have often been referred to as “blood purifying herbs” as they work as powerful natural herbal liver cleansers, liver-stimulants and enhancers.

  • Wheat Grass / Wheat Grass Juice: Wheatgrass juice has been successfully used to treat anemia in humans and repair the liver. It packs natural enzymes, vitamins A, B, C, E and K, calcium, chlorophyll, iron, lecithin, magnesium, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, potassium, amino acids, trace elements and protein. It cleanses the blood by improving the supply of oxygen to the circulatory system; detoxifies and regenerates the liver; and protects us from carcinogens in our food or our environment. Wheatgrass has shown to expand the blood vessels and improve circulation; thus improving oxygenation of blood and the ability to rid the blood of toxins.

  • Barley is often used to improve athletic endurance, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, control hunger, boost the immune system, and detoxify the blood. It has a very low glycemic index, allowing it be used in low-carbohydrate diets. This super food is rich in soluble fiber and beta-glucans, which explains its healthy effects on cholesterol, blood sugar balance, and the immune system. The pre-sprouting process that is used also to increase the grain’s content of beta-glucan a substance known to boost the immune system. However, barley contains gluten and must be avoided if you are celiac or allergic to barley.

  • Aloe vera has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties as well as lowering high cholesterol, and boosting oxygenation of the blood.

  • Carrot Seed Essential Oil: Among its uses are tonic, stimulant, liver regenerator, and control of cholesterol. Used in massage oils and baths as it is considered an excellent blood purifier due to its detoxifying effect on the liver. It is used to treat

  • Liquid Chlorophyll is another excellent detoxifier and antiseptic for the internal organs, especially the digestive tract and bloodstream. Use it internally for any illness, especially a digestive problem -- 1/2 tsp. three times a day. It combines very well with aloe vera. Liquid chlorophyll is also used by holistic vets to balance blood sugar levels in some pets with diabetes or chronic hypoglycemia. (discuss with your holistic physician)

  • Activated Charcoal

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